You Helped Us Break a Record!

As many of you know, last month SkyWest/United began direct flights to Chicago. We knew this flight would be popular in the community, but the number of you who flew from SHD in October blew us away! With your help we broke a 20-year old record for monthly passenger traffic!

To be exact, 3,362 of you took advantage of the convenient, cost-effective, and time-saving flights at SHD –  for that we can’t say thank you enough!

Another reason to celebrate? SkyWest also had a 100% completion rate of scheduled flights at SHD. That means there wasn’t a single flight cancellation for the entire month of October! SkyWest continues to prove why it’s ranked #1 in regional airlines for reliability. If you haven’t flown with United powered by SkyWest, we invite you to experience the difference firsthand!

For many of you, travel will be a part of your Thanksgiving holiday, and you aren’t alone. TSA is predicting this Thanksgiving holiday season (November 16-November 26) will be the busiest travel season on record with more than 25 million people flying on commercial airlines!

To make your travel experience a great one, here are a few reminders:

  • Plan to arrive at the airport early. At SHD that means one hour prior to departure. If you are returning from a larger airport you will want to be sure to allow at least two hours or more for the check in and screening process.
  •  Review TSA guidelines before you pack. Check the TSA website or MyTSA app for the most up to date information. You can even send a picture of what you aren’t sure about to Ask TSA on Facebook Messengeror Twitter to get a quick response.
  • Get familiar with airline baggage policies.  Baggage policies and fees vary with the type of ticket purchased, your destination (domestic or international) and your status in the United Mileage Plus program. For the most up to date information it’s best to visit United’s Baggage Informationpage. You can also calculate fees for your specific trip using United’s Baggage Calculator tool.

Wishing you safe and stress-free Thanksgiving travels!