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Parking Information

 At Shenandoah Valley Airport parking is always FREE! When you arrive to the airport, park just steps from the airline terminal and then be on your way to check in for your flight. Rest assured our parking lots are monitored 24/7 by SHD Public Safety to keep your vehicle safe. One of the best parts of returning home to SHD is that you can be back to the car and driving to your home or office in a matter of minutes after landing.

 Electric Vehicle Charging

Need to charge up while you’re gone? SHD now provides FREE electric vehicle charging while you travel! To take advantage of this amenity, just pack your charger, park in the Electric Vehicle Parking Only area, plug in, and be on your way. When you return, your vehicle will be charged and ready to go.   

Long Term Parking

Are you planning on taking a long trip? If you plan to park at SHD for longer than 30 days, please fill out the form below to notify our Public Safety Department. Sharing this information helps us contact you if needed while you are gone and lets us know the vehicle has not been abandoned.


Traveler Information

Vehicle Information