✈ Soar Into an Exciting New Career ✈

It is said that if you find a job that you love, you’ll never work another day in your life. If you dream of having your office in the sky instead of the corner cubical or on the road, Blue Ridge Community College (BRCC) Commercial Pilot Certificate program and Blue Ridge Aviation could be your solution!

For career starters or career changers with dreams of flying high, the Blue Ridge Community College (BRCC) Commercial Pilot Certificate program in partnership with Blue Ridge Aviation, provides local training towards exciting careers in aviation.

Blue Ridge Aviation offers ground school & flight training for multiple ratings required for aviation careers or hobby pilots. Training topics include advanced theory of flight covering navigation, air space, weather, flight planning, radio communication, aircraft systems and performance, and federal aviation regulations. Students will earn a minimum of 190 flight hours in the commercial pilot program. Blue Ridge Aviation offers flight instructor ratings that allow completed students to build flight hours while being paid to flight instruct right here in Weyers Cave. (Airline pilots need 1,500 hours of flight time prior to hiring.)

Besides fulfilling dreams of working in the sky, a career as a commercial pilot can be a sound financial decision once training is completed. Commercial Pilots earn a median income of $82,240 according to the most recent data from The Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The current nationwide pilot shortage is expected to get even worse in coming years due to the high number of pilots reaching retirement age. This is a growing concern in the aviation industry creating more demand than ever for new pilots to enter the field. Now is a great time to get started on a career in aviation!

If the friendly skies are calling to you, contact Alex Kelley or Sarah Grefe at Blue Ridge Aviation 540-246-9407 (blueridgeaviaiton@gmail.com) or Suzie Dull, Business and Development Manager/Workforce and Continuing Education at BRCC 540-453-2337 (dulls@brcc.edu).