SHD to the Rescue for Father’s Day!

Working at SHD, we get to see a lot of special travel moments – a child excited about their first “big plane” flight, reunions with out of town friends and families, and excited teams off to play their next big game!

Business travel can be a little different though. As busy professionals, it can be hard to balance work, travel, and the important family moments that you don’t want to miss.  So, when we heard the following story about how SHD helped save Father’s Day for one busy business traveler, we just had to share it.

We love providing reliable service to all our travelers, and we especially love knowing that the benefits of flying local put those “don’t want to miss moments within reach” for those on the go.

Meet Kevin Ratliff…
Some of you may know Dr. Kevin Ratliff as the Dean of Workforce & Continuing Education at Blue Ridge Community College. However, Dr. Ratliff’s favorite “official” title is that of dad. As luck would have it, a business trip to Nashville was scheduled for Father’s Day – a situation that would have resulted in missing his Father’s Day dinner tradition if he flew into another airport and had to drive the long commute back home. Instead, Dr. Ratliff flew with SHD and was home in time for his special dinner with the family!

As Dr. Ratliff puts it, “Being able to get back home without being exhausted and spend the later part of the day with my son and wife on  Father’s Day really meant a lot to us.  I had some special steaks in the freezer and called my son ahead and told him to set them out because I saw I was going to make it home in time.  Being able to fly directly into SHD made this possible and kept me from having to spend time either in another airport or on the road driving.  I am loving this new service!”

A happy business traveler and a happy dad – it doesn’t get better than that!