SHD Attracts New Business

This month SHD is proud to be featured in Virginia Business Magazine, a publication that has covered economic activity in every sector and region of the state since 1986.

Since we’ve started our new service with United powered by SkyWest we’ve been excited to connect travelers to destinations across the country and the globe through two major hubs – Washington-Dulles and Chicago O’Hare.

As the Gaining Altitudes article in Virginia Business Magazine explains, the opportunity to bring the best in regional aviation to the Shenandoah Valley with United and SkyWest is a game changer for travel to and from our region. In fact, since May we’ve had a 50% increase in passengers using the service, and that number continues to climb.

The impact of this partnership also plays an essential role in economic development. As Carrie Chenery, former executive director of the Shenandoah Valley Partnership (SVP) points out, access to commercial air service is a key factor for business prospects.

“They hear about our location and our transportation assets,” Chenery says, “What had been missing there [until recently] was quality, reliable air service. So, now to have that in our fold is significant for our efforts.”

Support from travelers like you is essential for the continued growth of SHD. When you fly with us, you aren’t just getting great reliable service; you’re also supporting a larger vision of a thriving Shenandoah Valley – the place we love to call home.