Love is in the air at SHD!

Love is in the air for Valentine’s Day, and we’re counting the ways we L-O-V-E all of our SHD travelers! From rallying behind the new United service powered by SkyWest to helping us break a 20-year old record for monthly passenger traffic, we are honored to be your airport of choice. In fact, check out these “love letters” we’ve received from local travelers just in time for Valentine’s Day!


Dear SHD,

Happy Valentine’s Day to you and all of your staff from lovely and warm Charleston, SC! After a successful week of teaching at the Sheriff”s office, I am so looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!  I must say, flying for business is so much less stressful now that United and SkyWest have come to town. With connections to both Dulles and O’Hare, I can get to my classes that are scattered all over the US with fewer layovers and less wasted time.  Just getting to the airport is easy, no drives over foggy mountains or (gasp!) to northern Virginia! Plus, nice people to talk to at the airport and no long lines to check in. And when I get back after my trip, I just grab my bag, find my keys, and go.  No stops to pay tolls or parking fees which just keep going up! It’s like buying a plane ticket for my car! Life is good when you travel SHD!  See you tomorrow!

Charlotte Robinson, DVM


Dear SHD,

Traveling every week for ESPN, I have a “love” affair with SHD!  I have FREE parking, friendly employees, and TSA and staff to greet me each week.  Flying through Washington Dulles or Chicago O’Hare, I can get anywhere in the country without driving two hours.  Recently, I was able to cash in my United miles for a ski trip to Bozeman, Montana. SHD is convenient with reasonable airfare that doesn’t break my “heart” or wallet! So, if you want to make an impression on your sweetheart, book a getaway from SHD today!

David Gallatin
EVS/ Replay Operator

Dear SHD,

As the Executive Director of the Gilliam Center for Entrepreneurship here at James Madison University I have a monumental challenge. I want to show that the Shenandoah Valley can produce as good or better student startup companies when compared with Silicon Valley. SHD is an important partner in answering this challenge!

Early this fall, we held an event for Women Entrepreneurship Week. We had two Founder CEOs, a Managing Partner, and a Founder of a Venture Capital company. These women executives flew from CT, Chicago, and NYC. They were all able to fly in the day of the talk and fly out early the next day.  Such seamless and timely transportation is paramount for such high-quality executive speakers.

Often, I need to fly for a conference and give a speech on our work here at JMU. This fall I needed do so for a conference that was in Chicago. The direct flight was the best-ever. In my personal life, my children reside in Connecticut, and my fiancé is an entrepreneur owning her own high-end interior designer business operating out of New York City. Having SHD ten minutes away from our Harrisonburg home is great, as we no longer have to deal with Dulles or Reagan National and the corresponding logistical nightmare that is NOVA traffic and parking!!!!

My fiancé Bridget has made fast friends with many of the TSA agents, all of whom who are so nice, professional, and welcoming.  During the government shutdown there were tales of many airports operating less than efficiently during that time, but Bridget and I flew to Florida for some needed R&R and sunshine. Everyone at SHD was a true delight.  To receive prompt service, a smile, and a warm greeting at such a time shows how incredible everyone at SHD really is. We look forward to utilizing SHD for years to come.

Patrick McQuown
Executive Director
Gilliam Center for Entrepreneurship at James Madison University