Happy Thanksgiving From SHD!

If you are like me, the Thanksgiving holiday tends to make you feel a bit sentimental when you reflect on what you are the most thankful for. The same is true for all of us at SHD!

I know I’ve already shared with you what amazing growth we’ve seen in passenger traffic since the start of United in April but has it really sunk in that YOU are the reason we can celebrate? Every single one of you that have purchased a ticket from SHD in the past 8 months have made a big impact on the future growth of your local airport! There is no doubt YOU are what makes us the most thankful!

On Tuesday WHSV came out to report on local holiday travel, and we had quite an exciting story to tell! The airline terminal has been buzzing more than ever this week with full flights arriving carrying visitors to the Valley and full flights departing with locals heading out for the holiday. Knowing that SHD can make it easy for you see family and friends for Thanksgiving this year makes us incredibly happy.

I started thinking earlier this week it would be so fun if we could just show up at your door and say “Thanks” in person today. The problem is we would hate to keep you from tending to the turkey, interrupt your dinner conversation with Aunt Ethel about politics, or awake any of you “watching” football (we all know you’ll actually be dozing off from the tryptophan).

A close second will just have to be this short video we made especially for you! Maybe you can even open the front door and pretend we’re there while you watch it? Or you can remain on the sofa resting from your great feast. We won’t be offended!

Warm wishes for a safe and Happy Thanksgiving from Team SHD!