The Economic Impact of Virginia Aviation

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What industries come to mind when you think of Virginia’s major economic impact contributors?

Here’s a little aviation trivia for you:

How much economic activity is created by the 66 public-use airports in the Commonwealth of Virginia?

The answer might surprise you – It’s $22.9 billion annually!

According to the most recent Virginia Airport System Economic Impact Study from the Virginia Department of Aviation, aviation-related services create and sustain nearly 147,000 jobs and contributes $7.7 billion in payroll each year.

Here’s another pop quiz question:

How many visitors fly to Virginia annually, and how much money do they spend here?

The answer? Over 10 million visitors that spend an estimated $3.6 billion!

Whether it’s through job creation, tourism, transportation for Virginia business travelers, or the transport of goods, aviation has a major impact across the Commonwealth.

Every time you fly from SHD, you’re contributing to the overall economic health of our region and the entire state of Virginia.

Did you ever stop to think about how airports also enrich your quality-of-life? Aviation provides services like overnight deliveries of goods, air ambulances, traffic monitoring, and law enforcement. Even people that never fly benefit from the positive economic impact of aviation!

SHD is proud to be part of the thriving Virginia state aviation system, playing a critical role in local economic development efforts and providing our community with convenient access to hundreds of domestic and international destinations!

To read the complete Virginia Airport System Economic Impact Study, visit: