Did you hear what Greg said?

Recently Greg Campbell, the Executive Director of SHD, sat down for an interview with NewsRadio WKCY for an inside look at our new United jet service and the fascinating history of regional airports!

Why was SHD chosen for the opportunity with United?

How has SHD survived the “Dark Decade” of air service?

What makes SHD a crucial link in the economic development of the Shenandoah Valley?

Greg answers all these questions and more! Click here to listen.

Our new United service has taken off since our inaugural flight, and we want to thank everyone that’s flown with us so far! We hope to see you again soon.

For those SHD flyers-to-be, book now and easily connect to any destination around the world!

P.S. Check out what one SHD traveler had to say about his recent experience: “Flew out of SHD last week on the Chicago bound flight. Very easy getting through the terminal and on to my destination. The free parking and no driving to Dulles made this United Gold Member passenger much happier.” – Tom Moffett via Facebook