Are you flying with the best?

Being in the airline industry, I know two major concerns of travelers are time and expense. You want fast service at a good price – totally understandable! There’s also a third factor to consider when flying though, and that’s the airline carrier. Why is this important? Because not all airlines are created equal. The airline you choose impacts everything from reliability to experience – and yes, time and expense!

Switching to United Airlines powered by SkyWest is a HUGE opportunity for you, SHD, and our community. Why? Let’s break it down.

Why Who You Fly with Matters
United Airlines Jet Flying

#1 Reliability Rankings
Nothing is more frustrating than carefully planning your trip only to be delayed at the airport. Sometimes delays are unavoidable like in the case of inclement weather. However, airlines are rated on their ability to execute on-time flights. The U.S. Department of Transportation and the Bureau of Transportation Statistics keep a close watch on an airlines ability to adhere to flight schedules. In the most recent report, United Airlines ranked #1 for on-time performance.

#2 The SkyWest Difference
When a major airline like United provides flights at regional airports, they often partner with a regional airline operator. These regional airline operators vary in size, capacity, and quality. SkyWest is the largest regional carrier in North America serving over 31 million passengers annually with 2,000 flights per day. Flying United powered by SkyWest gives Shenandoah Valley travelers access to award-winning jet service from a carrier with a proven record of reliability.

#3 The Price is Nice
Because of the seamless integration between United and SkyWest, you get the advantage of major airline connectivity and regional operation savings. Fares from SHD start at just $105 each way to Chicago O’Hare and $45 each way to Washington Dulles. Plus, you will find through-fare pricing to hundreds of destinations globally are very competitive. Consider the added expense of travel costs and drive time to fly out of other airports and SHD fares make even more sense! Check out our Trust Cost Calculator to discover how fares from SHD compares with other airports!

#4 Timing is Everything
SHD’s daily flights with United to two major hubs (O’Hare and Washington Dulles) are timed to provide maximum connection opportunities to both business and leisure travelers. You can go from local to global with ease!
It’s an exciting new day in air service for the Shenandoah Valley with United powered by SkyWest! Ready for blue skies ahead? Book your flight with the airline you can trust!