Avoid These Three Hidden Travel Costs

I must admit, working at an airport is never boring! There’s something awe inspiring about the power of planes and the connectivity that travel brings to our lives. It never gets old!

Being behind the scenes, I see the airport experience from start to finish. So, I’m always amazed at some of the myths we embrace as travelers.

Working for a regional airport, one of the biggest myths we encounter is that departing from a major airport is less expensive. What I know from experience, is that it can actually be quite the opposite!

So, I’ve compiled a list of hidden costs to consider when booking your next flight.

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The Hidden Costs of Travel
Couple Waiting in Terminal on Flight

If you’re like most travelers, being cost conscious and sticking to a travel budget is important. While most people spend time searching for good flight deals, there are other hidden travel costs that can upset your wallet if you’re not careful.

Travel Trap #1 – Choosing the Wrong Departure Point

Flying from that out of town airport could cost you big time when you factor in transportation to get there. Gas, car service fees, rental cars, and taxi fare adds up quickly when you consider a round trip drive from the Valley to a major airport several hours away.

For instance, our True Cost Calculator shows that a person driving round trip from Harrisonburg, VA to an airport two hours away spends $116.25 MORE on mileage than driving to SHD for a direct flight. Round trip mileage to SHD from Harrisonburg or Staunton averages only $18.71.

Rest assured that SHD is saving you money even while you’re away with FREE parking. A trip including 4-days of parking will cost you between $48 and $68 at other airports. Why waste that kind of money to “rent” a pavement square while you are gone?

Travel Trap #2 – No Flexibility for When You Travel

Lack of Flexibilty in TravelDid you know airline fares can vary greatly based on what days you choose to travel? It’s true! Airline pricing is very complicated but one thing we know for sure is fares can sometimes be drastically different when traveling one day vs. another. United.com has a great tool to use if your travel dates are flexible, allowing you to search for your initial travel dates +/- 3 days. We know sometimes travel plans aren’t flexible, but when they are, using a tool like this can save you significant green!

Travel Trap #3 – The One Thing You Can’t Get Back

You can almost hear the wasted minutes ticking away as you sit in traffic, stand in long security lines, and fight the crowds trying to get to your gate. Starting and ending your trip at SHD enables you to skip all of that and seamlessly catch your connection at the hub, giving you back precious time. While other travelers are still stuck at the airport or traveling back home, you can reap the rewards of a streamlined, efficient travel experience.

Want to know what your out-of-town airport is costing you in terms of time? Check out our True Cost Calculator!

How will you spend your extra time and money when you travel with SHD?

Ready to save time, money, and travel headaches? Let SHD be your smart travel choice!