Don’t Miss Out on These SHD Travel Perks!

We love providing travel perks for SHD travelers! Along with our free parking and Wi-Fi, reliable United jet service that can get you anywhere, and local customer service that can’t be beaten – there’s more! Check out two more exciting perks that will make traveling with SHD better than ever before – United Mileage Plusand TSA Precheck.

Get travel perks with United MileagePlusUnited MileagePlus is much more than a frequent flyer program. Not only do you earn miles when you fly, but you also earn miles when you make everyday purchases at participating stores like Lowe’s or Barnes and Noble. In fact, you can earn up to 4 miles for every $1.00 you spend and keep track of the purchases in a convenient app. As a United MileagePlus member, use your miles towards flights, rental cars, hotels, and exclusive experiences offered only to United Mileage Plus members!

The more you fly the friendly skies, the more rewards you’ll earn through the United MileagePlus Premier miles and status match program. As a United MileagePlus Premier member, you’ll get bonus award miles, upgrades, priority travel services, fee waivers, and more!

Already a member of another airline’s frequent flyer program? No problem! Check out United’s MileagePlus Premier Status Match Program to find out how you can easily get comparable status. Not only will United match your miles and status from another airline, but you’ll keep the rewards you’ve already earned through your other program. What do you have to lose?
Get travel perks with TSA Precheck
In addition to the United MileagePlus program, TSA Precheck is now available at SHD on select flights! Keep your shoes on, your laptop in your bag, liquids packed away, and more. With average wait times of less than 5 minutes, TSA Precheck saves you time and stress. Click here to apply today! (Remember, even with TSA Precheck, you’ll need to arrive one hour before your flight.)

At SHD the skies are friendly than ever! Click here to book your next trip and experience the SHD difference.

Are you in a travel rut?

Have you ever gotten stuck in a travel routine just because it’s the way you’ve always done something? It’s easy to do! So, one of the exciting things about working at SHD is providing “lightbulb moments” for travelers and getting them out of their travel rut!

With our new flights to two major hubs, Washington Dulles and Chicago O’Hare, we’re changing the way you connect with the world! Take a look at the difference flying from SHD can make in your travel experience.

See which person has a better travel experience.

SHD brings you the reliability of United powered by SkyWest for your local connection to the world.

With fares starting at just $80 roundtrip to Washington Dulles and $210 roundtrip to Chicago O’Hare, plus competitive pricing to hundreds of global destinations, why not give SHD a try? Click here to book now!

Women Can Fly 2018

Can you guess how many pilots are women? It turns out that only 6% of all pilots are women, making females severely underrepresented in aviation. To encourage women and girls to consider careers in aviation, SHD hosted our 3rd annual Women Can Fly event this past Saturday in partnership with the Virginia Department of Aviation and The Ninety-Nines, an international organization of women pilots. Guests enjoy learning about aviation at SHD during the Women Can Fly event.

Women and girls from across Virginia came out to meet with women aviators and instructors, learn about various aircraft, and get information about flight training, courses, and career options. While pilots are often the face of aviation, there are many other lucrative career options such as aviation mechanics which boasts a nearly 100% placement rate upon completion of education and training.

The highlight of the event was free flights for attendees flown by volunteer pilots. Guests participated in a pre-flight briefing to learn about the science of flight and safety precautions before soaring into the friendly skies. For many participants, this was their first time flying. Women Can Fly aims to spark interest and excitement for aviation and show women and girls a path to success in the field. From the excitement and smiles that abounded on Saturday, I think we met that goal!

Guest receive certificates to commemorate their first flight.Five other airports in Virginia also hosted Women Can Fly events this summer. The Women Can Fly initiative takes a state-by-state approach to improving the low rates of women in aviation. More women aviators could also help reduce the nationwide pilot shortage. If you or someone you know, is interested in learning more about aviation here are some helpful resources:

Blue Ridge Aviation – Flight instruction at SHD.

Blue Ridge Community College – Courses in aviation maintenance and commercial pilot programs.

Virginia Department of Aviation – The state transportation agency for aviation.

The Ninety-Nines – Networking, mentoring, scholarships, and opportunities for women and girls interested in aviation.

Association for Women in Aviation Maintenance (AWAM) – Dedicated to supporting the advancement of women in aviation maintenance.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2018 Women Can Fly event and stay tuned for details about next year’s event!

Are you flying with the best?

Being in the airline industry, I know two major concerns of travelers are time and expense. You want fast service at a good price – totally understandable! There’s also a third factor to consider when flying though, and that’s the airline carrier. Why is this important? Because not all airlines are created equal. The airline you choose impacts everything from reliability to experience – and yes, time and expense!

Switching to United Airlines powered by SkyWest is a HUGE opportunity for you, SHD, and our community. Why? Let’s break it down.

Why Who You Fly with Matters
United Airlines Jet Flying

#1 Reliability Rankings
Nothing is more frustrating than carefully planning your trip only to be delayed at the airport. Sometimes delays are unavoidable like in the case of inclement weather. However, airlines are rated on their ability to execute on-time flights. The U.S. Department of Transportation and the Bureau of Transportation Statistics keep a close watch on an airlines ability to adhere to flight schedules. In the most recent report, United Airlines ranked #1 for on-time performance.

#2 The SkyWest Difference
When a major airline like United provides flights at regional airports, they often partner with a regional airline operator. These regional airline operators vary in size, capacity, and quality. SkyWest is the largest regional carrier in North America serving over 31 million passengers annually with 2,000 flights per day. Flying United powered by SkyWest gives Shenandoah Valley travelers access to award-winning jet service from a carrier with a proven record of reliability.

#3 The Price is Nice
Because of the seamless integration between United and SkyWest, you get the advantage of major airline connectivity and regional operation savings. Fares from SHD start at just $105 each way to Chicago O’Hare and $45 each way to Washington Dulles. Plus, you will find through-fare pricing to hundreds of destinations globally are very competitive. Consider the added expense of travel costs and drive time to fly out of other airports and SHD fares make even more sense! Check out our Trust Cost Calculator to discover how fares from SHD compares with other airports!

#4 Timing is Everything
SHD’s daily flights with United to two major hubs (O’Hare and Washington Dulles) are timed to provide maximum connection opportunities to both business and leisure travelers. You can go from local to global with ease!
It’s an exciting new day in air service for the Shenandoah Valley with United powered by SkyWest! Ready for blue skies ahead? Book your flight with the airline you can trust!

Avoid These Three Hidden Travel Costs

I must admit, working at an airport is never boring! There’s something awe inspiring about the power of planes and the connectivity that travel brings to our lives. It never gets old!

Being behind the scenes, I see the airport experience from start to finish. So, I’m always amazed at some of the myths we embrace as travelers.

Working for a regional airport, one of the biggest myths we encounter is that departing from a major airport is less expensive. What I know from experience, is that it can actually be quite the opposite!

So, I’ve compiled a list of hidden costs to consider when booking your next flight.

Our new jet service from United powered by SkyWest could be the travel game changer you need!

The Hidden Costs of Travel
Couple Waiting in Terminal on Flight

If you’re like most travelers, being cost conscious and sticking to a travel budget is important. While most people spend time searching for good flight deals, there are other hidden travel costs that can upset your wallet if you’re not careful.

Travel Trap #1 – Choosing the Wrong Departure Point

Flying from that out of town airport could cost you big time when you factor in transportation to get there. Gas, car service fees, rental cars, and taxi fare adds up quickly when you consider a round trip drive from the Valley to a major airport several hours away.

For instance, our True Cost Calculator shows that a person driving round trip from Harrisonburg, VA to an airport two hours away spends $116.25 MORE on mileage than driving to SHD for a direct flight. Round trip mileage to SHD from Harrisonburg or Staunton averages only $18.71.

Rest assured that SHD is saving you money even while you’re away with FREE parking. A trip including 4-days of parking will cost you between $48 and $68 at other airports. Why waste that kind of money to “rent” a pavement square while you are gone?

Travel Trap #2 – No Flexibility for When You Travel

Lack of Flexibilty in TravelDid you know airline fares can vary greatly based on what days you choose to travel? It’s true! Airline pricing is very complicated but one thing we know for sure is fares can sometimes be drastically different when traveling one day vs. another. has a great tool to use if your travel dates are flexible, allowing you to search for your initial travel dates +/- 3 days. We know sometimes travel plans aren’t flexible, but when they are, using a tool like this can save you significant green!

Travel Trap #3 – The One Thing You Can’t Get Back

You can almost hear the wasted minutes ticking away as you sit in traffic, stand in long security lines, and fight the crowds trying to get to your gate. Starting and ending your trip at SHD enables you to skip all of that and seamlessly catch your connection at the hub, giving you back precious time. While other travelers are still stuck at the airport or traveling back home, you can reap the rewards of a streamlined, efficient travel experience.

Want to know what your out-of-town airport is costing you in terms of time? Check out our True Cost Calculator!

How will you spend your extra time and money when you travel with SHD?

Ready to save time, money, and travel headaches? Let SHD be your smart travel choice!

Did you hear what Greg said?

Recently Greg Campbell, the Executive Director of SHD, sat down for an interview with NewsRadio WKCY for an inside look at our new United jet service and the fascinating history of regional airports!

Why was SHD chosen for the opportunity with United?

How has SHD survived the “Dark Decade” of air service?

What makes SHD a crucial link in the economic development of the Shenandoah Valley?

Greg answers all these questions and more! Click here to listen.

Our new United service has taken off since our inaugural flight, and we want to thank everyone that’s flown with us so far! We hope to see you again soon.

For those SHD flyers-to-be, book now and easily connect to any destination around the world!

P.S. Check out what one SHD traveler had to say about his recent experience: “Flew out of SHD last week on the Chicago bound flight. Very easy getting through the terminal and on to my destination. The free parking and no driving to Dulles made this United Gold Member passenger much happier.” – Tom Moffett via Facebook

United Lifts Off at SHD!

As some of you may know, on April 3rd, we celebrated the inaugural flight of our new jet service with United Airlines powered by SkyWest!

We’re so thankful for all of the community leaders and supporters that filled the airline terminal to celebrate this momentous occasion with us.

What better way to top off the night than flying some of our special guests onboard the first official flight to Washington Dulles? We were met with warm hospitality from the Metro Washington Airport Authority marketing team and delicious doughnuts before heading back to the Valley.

We’ve worked hard to develop this new partnership, and we’re excited to add this service to two major hubs – Washington Dulles (IAD) and Chicago O’Hare (ORD). Our community is now seamlessly connected like never before to hundreds of new worldwide destinations within United’s global network.

That’s something to celebrate! Wouldn’t you agree?

Let’s keep that momentum going!

As Gerald Garber, Chairman of the Shenandoah Valley Airport Commission, said at the event, “We are looking forward to great things. The important thing is for those who travel on SkyWest to tell ten more people each time you go!”

It’s going to take all of us to make sure United knows the Shenandoah Valley is a vibrant and viable region for air service. The next time you need to take a trip check SHD first. You might just be surprised at how easy and affordable it is to fly local!

Our new United flights signal the beginning of an exciting new chapter for the Shenandoah Valley, and we can’t wait to have you fly with us!

SkyWest Airlines Brings United Express Jet Service to Shenandoah Valley

Tickets available today at

Weyers Cave, Virginia, Dec. 11, 2017 – Daily United Express jet service from Shenandoah Valley Regional Airport  (SHD) to Chicago O’Hare (ORD) and Washington Dulles (IAD) begins April 3, 2018! Operated by SkyWest Airlines, the daily flights will provide Shenandoah Valley travelers seamless access to United’s global network via the airline’s Chicago O’Hare and Washington Dulles hubs. Tickets are available for purchase today at

“We look forward to bringing United Express jet service to the Shenandoah Valley in April,” said Greg Atkin, SkyWest Airlines managing director – Market Development. “Access to reliable local air service means more choice and more convenience for local Shenandoah Valley travelers. We’re happy to be a part of the local community and are excited about the community support we’ve seen so far.”

Each of the daily flights from Shenandoah Valley to Chicago O’Hare and Washington Dulles has been timed to provide maximum connection opportunities for both business and leisure travelers. Customers will also have the opportunity to accrue frequent flier miles in United’s MileagePlus loyalty program. And with hundreds of daily United and United Express flights from Chicago O’Hare and Washington Dulles, Shenandoah Valley travelers have access to destinations around the globe.

Shenandoah Valley passengers will enjoy service aboard the quiet, comfortable Bombardier-manufactured Canadair Regional Jet, CRJ200. SkyWest Airlines is a top CRJ200 operator and has been named the manufacturer’s most reliable operator in North America five times.

Customers may book flights immediately at or by calling United reservations at 800.UNITED.1 (800.864.8331).

This press release and additional information about SkyWest Airlines can be found at


About SkyWest Airlines:
SkyWest Airlines is a wholly owned subsidiary of SkyWest, Inc. (NASDAQ: SKYW). As a leading air service provider offering global access to millions of people each month, SkyWest partners with the world’s largest network carriers including United Airlines, Delta Air Lines, American Airlines and Alaska Airlines. With a fleet of 423 aircraft, SkyWest’s more than 12,500 aviation professionals operate more than 2,000 flights each day to 237 destinations throughout North America. SkyWest is known for its industry-leading workforce, exceptional leadership team, and continued solid operational and economic performance. The airline is headquartered in St. George, Utah. Visit for more information and follow @SkyWestAirlines on Twitter.


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