The Shenandoah Valley Regional Airport Proudly Offers Free Parking

As part of our commitment to offer Valley residents the best values in travel, we’ve extended free airport parking to all of our customers. Unlike the large metro airports that charge a hefty daily fee for leaving a car in their lots, we’re happy to provide another way for our customers to save money on travel and worry less with totally free airport parking. Avoid the hassle, pack your car the night before and drive yourself to the airport, parking is on us!

free airport parking

Enjoy Convenient and Free Airport Parking Right Beside Your Terminal.

When your plane lands after a day of traveling, the last thing you want to do is walk a few miles or wait for a shuttle just to be able to retrieve your car. Forget about a long walk from the airport parking lot to the terminal! At the Shenandoah Valley Regional Airport, our convenient and free airport parking lot ajoins to the terminal.

Have Peace Of Mind Leaving Your Car In A Safe Airport Parking Lot.

The parking lot at the Shenandoah Valley Regional Airport is a safe place to leave your car for any amount of time. We have public safety officers on site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether you’re just flying out for the weekend or plan on taking a two-week vacation, feel confident knowing that your car will be safe and sound until you return. If you plan on leaving your car in the airport parking lot for more than three weeks, please notify the SHD Public Safety Department with make, model, license plate number and trip dates.

Skip The Drive and Take The SHD Shuttle For Door-To-Door Service and Maximum Convenience!

Free parking makes driving to the airport a cheap and appealing option, but the SHD Shuttle is easiest and most convenient way to get to and from the airport. Featuring door-to-door service, the SHD Shuttle will pick you up at home on the day of your flight and deliver you to the airport with plenty of time to check in and get through security.

Call 540.234.8304 Today To Learn More About Airport Parking!