Shenandoah Valley Airport

SHD Master Plan Update

Airport master plans are fluid documents that are to be updated periodically as factors such as activity levels, aviation trends, levels of demand, or airport tenants and users change. Master Plans should be reevaluated and updated as necessary to provide an airport with an effective planning document that adequately guides future development decisions.

SHD’s current Master Plan has guided the development of both air and landside facilities for the past twenty-five years and was last updated with an Airport Layout Plan Update in 1999. Since its adoption, SHD has experienced significant changes in operations and activity. Plus, the Commission, in conjunction with FAA and DOAV, has completed a host of safety, capacity, and preservation projects as recommended in the 1999 Plan including extension of the Runway 5 Safety Area, construction of the general aviation terminal building, expansion of the public automobile parking area, and access road realignment and enhancement. FAA design criteria have been updated and revised during this period as well. Collectively, these factors, coupled with the Commission’s desire to chart a course for the future of SHD, point to the need for a new study to be prepared at this time.

2014 SHD Airport Master Plan Update Goals & Objectives

The Commission has established the following focus areas, goals, and objectives for its 2014 SHD Master Plan Update:

Airfield & Airspace

  • Evaluate the existing Airfield Geometrics to determine their capability to accommodate the most demanding class of aircraft operating at SHD
  • Address the alignment of SHD’s parallel taxiway at the Runway 5 end to make it consistent with FAA Airport Design Standards
  • Evaluate the alignment/layout of all connector taxiways
  • Conduct a Runway Length Analysis to examine the justification and rationale for a future runway extension
  • Evaluate enhancements to SHD Airspace including:
  • Radar coverage
  • Adequacy of the current ground radio communications coverage
  • The feasibility of installing additional navigational aids to further enhance safety and SHD’s capability to operate in all weather conditions
  • Study the potential for lower approach visibility minimums

Commercial Passenger Terminal Facilities

  • Evaluate the existing separation between G.A. and airline terminal areas and weigh potential conflicts between these uses – determine the need to relocate or create greater capacity for each use
  • Evaluate the requirements for additional terminal building facilities/amenities against aviation forecasts, TSA requirements, and Commission goals.

General Aviation Facilities

  • Review the capacity/layout of the existing t-hangar/corporate hangar area to accommodate future growth
  • Evaluate the impact of Specialty Operators with emphasis placed on aircraft operations from Bridgewater Airpark and demand for hangar/aircraft apron parking
  • Evaluate the requirements for additional terminal building facilities/amenities against aviation forecasts and Commission goals.

Cargo Facilities

  • Evaluate opportunities to provide a dedicated Air Cargo Operations Area

Support Facilities

  • Consider the potential relocation of the existing Fuel Farm to accommodate any required expansion of general aviation aircraft parking or hangar requirements
  • Evaluate potential on-airport sites for construction of an ARFF Training Area.

Access, Circulation, and Parking

  • Analyze current SHD Wayfinding elements with emphasis on the Route 256, Route 711 corridor and on-airport system.


  • Consider recommendations from the Virginia Air Transportation System Plan and/or Virginia Navaid Study for the planned development at SHD if justified through this study
  • Evaluate the land use within each Runway Protection Zone
  • Conduct a land use analysis of on-airport property regarding the best location for the possible installation of a solar farm; evaluate SHD’s ability to implement other sustainability practices and plans.

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